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The School of Knowing and Serving God is made up of two faculties:

The Faculty of the Knowing God with courses on Hunger for God, Seeking God, Finding God, Obeying God, Knowing God, Loving God, Serving God as an overflow of love for Him, etc.

The Faculty of Serving God with courses on Soul-Winning, The Making of Disciples, Church-Planting, Church Management, The Edification of the Church, The Ministry of the Church, Bearing witness to foreign cultures, etc.

Content of Training

  • All nations
  • All towns and villages worldwide
  • Bring the students to know the Bible
  • Basic doctrines
  • Discipleship to Jesus Christ
  • Missions
  • Equipe students for Service
  • Our ministry
  • Connect the students to our ministry

The School of Knowing and Serving God Seeks to give to the church and the work, men and women who know God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in fullness; people who possess God and give God to the world

P.O. Box 385 Koume, Bertoua, Cameroon
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