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Night of vision 2017

Br. Theodore ANDOSEH

Vision Night 18th January 2017 Raise your right hand and say:
Lord, thank you for another Wednesday Lord, thank you that I am here Deuteronomy 1: 9-18 There are five lessons in that passage about growth in numbers.
1. Numbers bring problems. The problems that numbers bring can be crushing. Numbers bring burden and the burden that comes with numbers can be crushing. If a leader wants to have numbers and does not prepare for it, the numbers will kill him, they will crush him. So every leader who is not preparing for numbers is a liar and a fool. Numbers bring problems and bring burdens. Any leader who wants numbers must prepare as Moses did in this passage. And how did Moses prepare? By..

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Rhema 2017


I received a prophecy from God and a promise from the Lord, but it is rooted in the Bible. The passage in the Bible is Gen 26:12-14 "12 Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him. 13 The man became rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy. 14 He had so many flocks and herds and servants that the Philistines envied him." NIV

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