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Courses at SKSG

Courses on Knowing God

  • Hunger for God
  • Seeking God
  • Finding God
  • Obeying God
  • Knowing God
  • Loving God
  • Serving God as an overflow of love for Him
  • Worshipping God
  • Finding One's Delight in God
  • Becoming Someone in Whom God Delights

Courses on Serving God

  • Soul-Winning
  • The Making of Disciples
  • Church-Planting
  • Church Management
  • The Edification of the Church
  • The Ministry of the Church
  • Bearing witness to foreign cultures
  • Rural Ministry
  • Urban Ministry (towns, cities, metropolis, etc)
  • Reaching out to Catholics and Orthodox
  • Reaching out to the Protestants
  • Reaching out to the Pentecostals
  • Reaching out to the Occultists
  • Reaching out to the Muslims
  • Reaching out to the Hindus
  • Reaching out to the Buddhists
  • Reaching out to the Religious
  • Reaching out to the Materialists

The School of Knowing and Serving God Seeks to give to the church and the work, men and women who know God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in fullness; people who possess God and give God to the world

P.O. Box 385 Koume, Bertoua, Cameroon
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